Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Price per Square Foot of homes in Thornwood

Price per Square Foot is one way of looking at the value of a home. It is especially relevant when several other factors are relatively equal. Such is the case when comparing properties within one neighborhood. I have compiled a table of all detached single family sales that occurred in Thornwood in the last half of 2011 (7/01/2011-12/31/2011).

Square footage figures do not include below grade areas (finished or unfinished). But the homes that are at the higher end of the range will most likely have higher quality of finish of the above grade areas and most likely have finished basements.

This snapshot will give you an idea of the range of valuation within Thornwood and help you determine where your specific property falls within the neighborhood.

The range for Thornwood is from $92.00 SF - $155.00 SF and the average is $116.00.

Is your home better than average in finish and features? How does it compare to the most recent sales?

You can find out the square footage of any home from your assessor. Here is a link to the St. Charles Township Assessor to find out square footages for Thornwood. Homes north of McDonald Rd. can be found at the Elgin Township Assessor.

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