Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Promoting the neighborhood of Thornwood in South Elgin, IL

It is easy to find information on individual properties online. But where does a buyer go to find more in-depth information about a community in general? Many buyers decide that they want to live in a specific neighborhood or community before they find the house that they will purchase.
Today's buyer is internet savvy and they search online long before they begin viewing properties in person.

I created this blog about Thornwood in South Elgin Illinois to be that source of information for buyers.

I am reposting links to blogs, both written and video, from popular homesearch websites,  that I have created to provide buyers with a place to find out more information. Please scroll through the archived posts

When the entire neighborhood remains in demand...this is good for all properties in the Thornwood.
So please pass along these links to anyone you know who has mentioned they want to live in Thornwood.

My Thornwood Comments on Zillow. Link to Trulia Blog.

Write me at CindyStrahota@gmail.com or call (or text) 630-624-9246 to find your place in Thornwood.

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