Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Housing Inventory Levels in Thornwood

Absorption Rates are one market indicator that Realtors use to determine the overall "health" of the housing market. It is the rate at which the market is absorbing the current level of inventory. I post absorption rates on a monthly basis on my blog (at www.foxvalleyresidential.com).
But I tract the rates for the Thornwood neighborhood specifically.

As of today's date Thornwood has 3.5 months of single family inventory but the townhomes have 9.6  months supply of inventory. Its a good time to be a seller in the single family market and a buyer in the townhome market.

Just as a basis of comparison Kane County has 8.8 month's supply of single family inventory and 9.8  month's of attached housing inventory.

So Thornwood  fares significantly BETTER as a neighborhood than the greater Kane county area while the townhomes are right in line with the county overall.

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