Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thornwood Housing Stats for First half of 2012

Here is a summary of 2012 first and second quarter stats  (January 01, 2012 through June 30, 2012)  for the single family detached homes in the  Thornwood neighborhood.

  •  28 Single Family Homes sold in Thornwood with an average marketing time of  132 days.
  • $345,000   Median home price.
  • $361,208    Average home price.
  • $ 550,000   Highest price home sale.
  • $ 225,000   Lowest price home sale.

Only 27% of homes listed for sale actually sold--- 73% expired or cancelled. The sold price as a percentage to ORIGINAL list price is 77 %.

Scroll down through the older posts to compare this to the year- end 2011  and you will see that the market is still following a downward trend as all categories listed here went down. Average single family home price decreased by 5.0% and the median SF  home price decrease by 5.5%.

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